charles-lively-photo5-900x1348 When you are expecting, your entire focus is on the health and growth of your baby. With regular assessments and knowledgeable prenatal medical care performed by skilled professionals, we can help you achieve that goal. Dr. Lively has ample experience in all types of pregnancies, so he is more than qualified to help deliver a healthy baby, even in a situation when your pregnancy is classified as high risk. Dr. Lively can provide you with the care and attention you need to ensure your pregnancy and birth are positive experiences.

Dr. Lively’s training in obstetrics was completed at LBJ General Hospital, one of the busiest hospitals in Houston. While delivering 35-50 babies daily at this facility, Dr. Lively received training and experience in all types of pregnancies and deliveries. With more than two decades of experience in the field of obstetrics, Dr. Lively is highly qualified to handle any unexpected concerns that might arise during your pregnancy.

Sevices Included in Obstetric Care

Dr. Lively is prepared to provide you with the highest level of care throughout your pregnancy, from the positive pregnancy test to your post-partum visits. In addition to ensuring the delivery of a healthy baby, Dr. Lively is committed to helping you feel your best through every phase of pregnancy. Some of the services you might receive throughout the duration of your obstetric care include:

Prenatal Care

The sooner you start prenatal care, the healthier you and your baby will be during and after your pregnancy. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, lack of prenatal care makes a woman three times more likely to have a low-birthweight baby. Ideally, attention to your health should start even before you conceive, to provide your baby with the best environment inside your uterus to grow and thrive. This is called preconception health, and we can provide you with basic information and tips to get your body ready for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

Once you become pregnant, we offer a full range of prenatal care, including examinations and screening tests to detect any potential problems. By knowing about possible complications early, we can address them right away and lower the risk of problems later in the pregnancy. We will also provide you with the information necessary to take care of yourself and your baby throughout that vital 40 weeks before your baby arrives.

Some of the steps you can take to keep you and your baby safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy include:

  • Keeping regular medical appointments so Dr. Lively can monitor your progress
  • Taking a prenatal supplement daily to provide you and your baby with all of the extra nutrients you need
  • Managing any health conditions that were present prior to getting pregnant
  • Discussing any medications you are currently taking that could impact your pregnancy
  • Avoiding potentially harmful substances like cigarettes, alcohol, street drugs, and toxic chemicals

3D/4D Ultrasounds

While 2D ultrasounds have been invaluable for many years in tracking pregnancies, the addition of 3D and 4D to the mix provides us even more information about your growing baby. A 3D ultrasound offers an image that more closely resembles the baby than a 2D image. Adding the 4D allows us to add movement to the image, so we can actually view the baby smiling, blinking or yawning. The additional information can be very helpful in tracking your baby’s progress and health through every stage of your pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy Care

While most pregnancies follow a similar course, there are times when things don’t go as planned. When the health of the mother or baby is in question, this is considered a high-risk pregnancy. High-risk pregnancies require specialized care to protect the pregnancy and take the necessary steps for the baby to be carried to term. Some reasons for a high-risk pregnancy might include:

  • Current medical conditions, such as hypertension or diabetes
  • Mother is overweight or obese or gains little weight during pregnancy
  • Maternal age is either very young or advanced
  • Multiple fetuses
  • Alcohol use or smoking during pregnancy

Treatment for a high risk pregnancy varies, based on the specific reason for the heightened risk. In most cases, you will have additional appointments and possible additional screenings throughout your pregnancy to make sure that everything progresses well. Dr. Lively will also provide you with lifestyle options designed to increase your health and the health of your baby throughout your pregnancy. With extensive experience in all types of pregnancy situations, Dr. Lively is qualified to handle your high-risk situation and provide you with the best possible outcome for both you and your baby.

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman’s life, but it can also be one that is wrought with anxiety and concern. Changes occur quickly and women want to know what steps they can take to help their baby grow and thrive during those important months in the womb. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant soon, trust Dr. Lively and his staff to walk you through this important milestone – they are ready to support you through every step of your pregnancy and the delivery of your baby. To learn more about our obstetrical services, contact Dr. Lively’s office today at 432-580-9168.


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